… there was a 25 year young girl with big, stylish and expensive dreams.

Tangent Warning:
Regarding the “expensive dreams” bit: I was inspired by this sexy image

and wrote the following Valentine’s Day-ish poem:
Ducati’s are red,
Ferrari’s are too.
I’d like one of each
and a house in Malibu.

I was proud of my apparent snooty and snobbish poetry jam so I thought I’d share.

Where were we? Oh yes, the beginning. Carry on.
I read an article on a collaboration between Manhattan Beachwear Inc and Sperry Top-Sider about the swimwear line that is to be launched for Spring 13. I was so excited and wanted to rave about it when I realized, “the people on Facebook wouldn’t quite get this and Twitter doesn’t have enough characters.”

So, I decided to add another fashion blog to the world wide web.

Why is this one special? Because it’s mine 🙂 A lot of the blogs out there cut down and build up trends, fads and everything popular. Even with my involvement in the Fashion Industry –I’m a technical designer for a menswear company– I find myself enjoying pieces because they’re inspiring to me and not simply because it was in Bazaar (my current ‘zine of choice).

Hopefully you too will enjoy my excitement over boat-people swimsuit lines, Rugby’s Spring collection and the fact that Pantone made 2012’s color of the year a shade of orange (Tangerine Tango 17-1463, note to self: find lipstick in similar shade).