Known fact about me: I am a J.Crew-aholic. I’ve worked with the company just over 4 years, in 4 different stores, doing visuals. (Id est dressing mannequins, changing uppers and creating their awesomely original window displays.)

In a free moment I enjoy taking a gander at their “Looks we Love” section on the website. I always learn new twists on how to update my look. Something so simple as tying your button up instead of tucking it in or sexifying up the tomboy look with a smashing heel in a bright pop of color.

Take a moment to browse their looks. It can be a bit much if you’re not used to the often-times color contrasting combos, pops of neon or prints mixed with prints mixed with prints BUT, hopefully you’ll grow to appreciate the uniqueness of the lifestyle they inspire almost as much as I do!