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As I stated in my About section, I ❤ gold.

This is a recent (within the last year or so) enamoration that has since left my silver affection collecting dust –literally– in my jewelry box. However, a new silvery light shines in my future! I was browsing for gifting purposing but found, not one, but two bracelets that are charming their way into my growing jewelry collection.

Brighton Collectibles designed some wrist candy that I can’t get enough of! I’m sure it helps that both inspirations happen to be my favorite prints but I’m really excited about their silver (with rhinestones of course) dangerously sexy wrist pets!

The gator one caught my eye instantly while I was scrolling through and the snake was a very close second. The bracelets are surprisingly affordable too. (Gator: $58, Snake: $54) Certainly beats having to pay for an alligator tank!