I am a print fanatic. My favorites are classic in nature and innovative in their updates. For example:

Stripes. *thinking* Ok bad example… I’m pretty basic when it comes to this design. I prefer bold rugby stripes over micro stripes and classic combos (think navy/white or heather grey/white) over funky color marriages (yellow/pink is too much for me.)

Better example. Herringbone — a true herringbone, not the “chevron” that has blown up in popularity thanks to Pinterest. Gorgeous in fun color combinations like mint green/ivory or orange/pink for pants or an eye-catching blazer.

Point of this whole entry: paisley. My dear paisley has been most favorite of prints for as long as I can remember. I love it in traditional colorways. I love it in trendy colorways. I love it in monochromatic colorways. I love it in rainbow hued colorways. I love paisley!


J.Crew Printed case for iPhone 4/S.

…So I bought a new phone case. It was wildly on sale and adorable as ever. Thanks J.Crew for stylishly pulling through once again!