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Before I begin, I wanted to quickly say that my weekend project has turned into a weekend/following-week project. My original pant block was nowhere to be found (I’m sure due to too many moves last year) and so I had to start from scratch. Definitely made my weekend though when I went to pick up pattern paper at Blick Art Material only to find that, not only did they have a large, industrial sized roll but, it was on massive sale — for $40! Long story short, the pants will be finished, posted, and worn by yours truly by Friday.

Now, to the goods…

I have a shoe obsession much like most women in the fashion industry, or rather, like most women. My love forever lies in wedges. It’s the perfect shoe: tall, sturdy and stylish. They’re perfect for dancing the night away with the girls or running errands around town. My spring shoe collection is much more impressive than my winter wardrobe so, as you can imagine, I’m excited that Christmas is over and Spring is on it’s way! (Or at least in the fashion world it is since the resort lines have already launched.)

I spent my usual time perusing my favorite digital marketplace, i.e. Nordstroms, and wanted to share my favorites with you. Mind you, this is just the tip of the iceberg but I tried to keep them within a reasonable price range.

Michael Kors 'Axton'

Michael Kors ‘Axton’ $164.95

MIA 'Frida'

MIA ‘Frida’ $78.95

Steve Madden 'Cedar'

My favorite spring shoe despite my best friend’s insistence that it makes me look like Erin Brockovich. Steve Madden ‘Cedar’ $109.95

Vera Wang

Vera Wang $225