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I was at a point where I was ready to attach the waistband and, thankfully, decided that I should try these babies on. Needless to say, I didn’t finish them because I have a few adjustments to make. They aren’t difficult, simply tedious and a little obnoxious. I should know better than to just follow my second bible (my patterning book) because I don’t have curvy hips and, by now, I should know to just make that adjustment but nooo… I didn’t listen to intuition, did I? Now I’m stuck picking stitches out and deconstructing.


Here’s an image of the pant front thus far. The blue marks are the current lines while the red lines will be the new, adjusted lines.


I need to:

  • Take an 1″ (give or take) out of the front. I’m thinking darts would make the most sense though I would rather re-sew the fly and take it out of CF.
  • Take the side seam in about 1″ and decurve the hips.
  • Lower CB by about 1″.

This is what happens when you blindly follow the pattern book without accommodating for personal adjustments. Ugh.

Hopefully these will be complete within the next month. I can imagine getting very frustrated and pushing them aside for a minute. Lucky for me (and you) I have a skirt all ready to be cut out and, seeing as skirts are more forgiving, I’ll have a completed version without as much delay.


You rock. Thanks for your patience 🙂