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I admit that I am mildly, or severely — depending on your reference point, addicted to Pinterest. (Can you tell?) One of my favorite things to research on said site is fashion. I like all the different points of views and style collaborations that you would be hard pressed to find elsewhere in a single place. I think the “outfits” that people put together are fantastic but, I have a single, teeny, tiny issue: no one ever lets you know where you can find it! It nearly always links to Polyvore (which is fine but an inconvenient added step) or someone’s Tumblr account. (And let’s be honest, Tumblr is the unorganized version of Pinterest.) So, created out of my own frustration, I compiled my own ensemble!

Side note: I do visuals/merchandising for a J.Crew factory store. Last night was the first Spring rollout so all the new product was put out and yours truly had the pleasure of dressing the very stylish mannequins. Which is why I put together a J.Crew Factory outfit. These pieces are all available online at their site here and all are on sale from the full prices that I listed.

Things you should know about me and my style preference: 

  • I prefer gold over silver, always.
  • Color is fun and I really like to play with it.
  • Leopard is a neutral that goes with everything, much like black and white.