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I was talking to my very best friend last week about our mutual and irritating conundrum. We are both at a point where, when we stand in front of our very full closets, we swear we have nothing to wear. This is the point at which I would prefer to purge and start anew, alas, my wallet thinks otherwise. So, I decide to do the practical thing and edit. I start with my bottoms pulling out all my jeans, pants, shorts and skirts and lay them on my bed.

ImageThe problem is, there isn’t a single thing I actually want to donate!

Feeling an odd mixture of happiness (for not having anything to get rid of), disappointment (for not having anything to get rid of) and pride (for having a closet full of pieces that I truly like), I tried to find something to change. I came to the conclusion that my self-bleached denim jeans weren’t quite doing it for me as pants* so, I decided I would become a shorts surgeon.

*Take note when bleaching your jeans, they lose their shape and don’t fit quite right. The bleach kills some of the elasticity making your jeans stretching them out, regardless of washing. Bleach with care.


Step 1: Lay your jeans out. (Easy enough!)

Step 2: Reference your favorite shorts' inseam.

Step 2: Reference your favorite shorts’ inseam.


Step 3: Mark inseam measurement onto pants.


Step 4: Measure reference shorts’ outseam.
Note: This part is important! It ensures a straight hem!


Step 5: Transfer outseam measurement to pants.


Step 6: Very important: Fold pants in half and line up waistband, crotch and outseam up perfectly — without this your shorts will be uneven. After it’s lined up, use grid ruler and draw a straight line connecting markings.


Step 7: Keeping the pants perfectly lined up, cut through both legs.
Another note: only cut through both legs if you have extremely sharp sewing scissors. (Test cutting on lower legs) If it’s too difficult, repeat steps 2-6 on other leg.


Step 8: Wash and cuff to preferred length!