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Marker illustrations I did for a girls line I designed while in school. It’s always amazing to see how far your skills have progressed. These are still some of my favorite pieces I’ve done.

I have been in a really creative mood lately but haven’t been able to squeeze in some sketch time so, you can only imagine how happy I was to be able to break out the markers and microns to do a little drawing last night — even if it was just for some doodling and nothing serious. So, I’m drawing up this sketch and am pulling the colors I need out and I realize something a little disheartening: I don’t have the colors I need to use! I’m looking at my collection thinking, “All this and not a single dusty yellow, pale green or ochre?! What is going on here?!” Needless to say, I plowed through the sketch regardless, receiving less-than-desirable results — which was actually ok. Despite it not turning out anywhere close to the way I envisioned it, it was still good to play around.

Above: The illustrations I did for presenting my concept to the school’s fashion show organization team. Below: After I did some design editing, the final products on the runway at the school fashion show for Fall 2011.

Rockstar_ModelsMarkers are definitely my preferred medium but I’m no where near as efficient with that as I’d like to be. I know there are tuts for all the digital drawing programs so I ran a search for marker how-to’s and found that Copic has a really incredible blog showing, in great detail, how to properly and effectively use markers! (Check them out, they are really great.) Just writing this post has made me antsy for creative time and, perfect timing, I just got an email from Blick with a coupon in it. Looks like some new marker colors are in my near future! I’ll post up how the project actually turns out.

In the meantime, what kind of art do you like to do? Any tips or suggestions?