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As much as I love my shiny, dark, genetically enhanced and naturally beautiful brunette strands, I prefer my bottle blonde locks just slightly more. Seeing as my hair is naturally darker, it tends, not only take for-seemingly-ever to lift color, but it lightens up to a honey shade. A gorgeous color on Beyonce or Mariah Carey, it leaves my skin looking more obviously pink — not a good thing for me since I blush very easily, making me look even more obviously like a strawberry (or raspberry depending on the embarrassment).

That being said, I’m trying a new, ashier blonde in hopes of achieving (or at least faking) a visibly less rouged skin tone.

I keep going back and forth and haven’t yet decided but, I have 2 hours til I’m sitting in the chair (at which point I will likely just tell him to do which one would look best.)
Wish me luck!


Option 1: Think color, not cut. I like the depth of these colors and how the pieces around her face are considerably brighter/lighter.


Option 2: Much more neutralized than my current hue. I love how the color is in the same range as her skin too.