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RugbyI realize I’m a little behind on posting this but it was entirely because I wasn’t willing to accept that it’s actually over. I was hoping that it was a horrible hoax – a way-too-early April fools joke but, despite my attempt to stay optimistic, I have finally come to grips with it. My closet and I will be in mourning for the next however-long-it-takes-us-to-find-a-new-favorite. Rugby by Ralph Lauren has officially closed its doors.

[Insert single dramatic tear here.]

The sub-brand of Ralph Lauren, Rugby opened in 2004 and was geared towards the Ivy League prep style and it was specifically targeted to college ages students. The designs were impeccable with traditional prep styling and, unsurprisingly, rugbies in every color. The problem lies in the price tag. College students are broke. Period.
All that explained, I immediately hopped on eBay and purchased a pretty piece. (I’m an XS/S/2/26 in Rugby  in case you’re selling.)
I was sketching that morning too and decided to switch directions and do a drawing as an ode to my late beloved brand.
Now to find a replacement. Yeah, there’s always Ralph Lauren and Polo by RL but they just don’t have the same flair that Rugby had. (That’s not to say that I won’t be wearing a copious amount of RL anyway.) Maybe I’ll just have to resort to coming up with my own…