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Hello everyone and happy Spring!

20130329-082158.jpgI realize I’m long overdue, to put mildly, and I apologize but, I have a fantastic new-to-me product I want to share! My makeup bag was pretty dire there for a moment. I’ve been wearing the same “everyday” shadow colors for almost two years now (which wouldn’t have been a problem if it had been more multi-seasonal) and my lipstick collection, or lack thereof, leaves my almost finished look as just that — an “almost” look. I’ve been putting it off for some time now but my poor shadows were down to the nitty gritty corners so, I hopped over to the MAC store (cosmetics, not computers) at the U-Village this weekend and, with the help of the very knowledgable Candy, put together a beautiful, neutral, open-my-eyes-up, pucker-up-my-pout palette.
I wasn’t starting from complete scratch seeing as I have some basics I love working with. My makeup bag includes my following must-haves:

  • Givenchy Noir Couture mascara
  • NARS blush (Orgasm)
  • MAC Paint Pot for a base (Painterly — an absolute must!)
  • MAC crease color (Saddle)
  • MAC fun everyday color (Cranberry — from my post Cranberry Peepers)
  • Estée Lauder tinted moisturizer
  • MAC brushes (116, 217)

As you can see, I’m missing some pieces, specifically, a highlighting shadow, a lid shadow and a basic lip color.

After trying many shades on my hand, I settled on two fabulously versatile colors for my everyday use: soft creamy Vanilla (highlighter) and pale peachy Arena (lid).

I was going to top off my purchase with the fun Comic Pink nail polish shade from the Betty (& Veronica) collection but, thankfully, remembered my sad lips and decided to treat them instead. My first leaning was to pick up a tube of the blonde’s ultimate red lip, Lady Danger (my sister snagged it and I never managed to get it back — and who can blame her?!) but, I needed something that I could wear with more ensembles, more often. Candy and I tried on a bunch of shades and I ended up going in a completely different color direction than I set out on. When she twisted up the tube of Patisserie (one of MAC’s Lustre lipsticks), I was a little hesitant. The color seemed flat and, frankly, a little boring BUT, I. Was. Wrong. The moment it hit my lips I was sold. Applied over bare lips or any shade of stunning liner you could dream of, this color adds just the bit of subdued hue, sheen and slight sparkle that any color needs to be complete. Patisserie is definitely a makeup bag staple from this point on.

Now that I have an eye range and lip color that I adore, that only leaves one (two?) thing(s) left to find — powder liner (and an angle brush.)
(The kicker about the angle brush is that I bought one at Christmas time and used it religiously but, I misplaced it somewhere along the line and have yet to locate it.)


Thanks for listening to my excitement — now, go hop over to the University Village MAC store and have Candy expertly expedite your color extravaganza!

What are your makeup bag must-haves?