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I’ve been in an “actually put effort into this blog thing” this week/month. To kick it off, I redid my header which, was like putting on a new shade of lipstick — I got that, “Oh! This looks and feels great!” feeling after I posted it. Updating that did exactly what I was hoping and set my artsy fartsy (yes, that’s the technical term) side on fire. All that said, I’ve been in the mood to sketch so I thought I would have some fun today and draw out my current threads. Still learning/trying new things with the tablet so this was a great practice activity. I’m still getting used to the digital translation of drawing but it really helps to have a great brush set. (Kyle Webster makes amazing brushes. Check them out here.)


These are some old favorite pieces of mine but, just in case you were inspired by the look, here are some alternative options to complete your own similar look!


Links left to right (with comments because I’m a parenthetical-clause-aholic): 1. J.Crew ‘Keeper’ chambray shirt, $78.00. (Chambray/denim is a must for your closet. If you don’t own a chambray shirt it needs to be your next fashion purchase. Trust me. You can thank me later.) 2. Splendid ‘Always Sleeveless’ maxi dress, $118. (My dress is from BCBG. It’s a dress they carry frequently but not consistently. Definitely worth keeping your eye open for though. They make some of my favorite jersey — saturated color and doesn’t pill!) 3. Michael Kors ‘Josephine’ Wedge, on sale at Nordstroms for $149.90. (Sexy, comfortable and reasonably priced.)
4. Jimmy Choo ‘Pledge’ Wedge, $495. (This is my sandal crush & unjustifiable splurge of the season. I just had to give her some face time. Swoon with me!) 5. Lauren by Ralph Lauren ‘Bembridge East West’ Tote, $158. (I actually managed to score this baby on some crazy/lucky sale at Macy’s. They always have such great deals! This is definitely my favorite purchase [of January].) 6. I love gold jewelry, real gold jewelry. Considering gold and land will always hold their value, it’s worth the investment on signature pieces. I just purchases a new pair of hoops (a staple and must have for me) from Sarraf.com. They have phenomenal pricing, nearly wholesale, and they ship with Jimmy John’s comparable freaky fast speed. I highly recommend using their site for your next metal/gemstone purchase(s)!

After all this sketching and linking I realized three things: I have really pointy elbows, my eyes nearly disappear when I’m smiling and I seriously need a tan — either fake ‘n bake or tan in a tube. Either way, I’m off to make an appointment to take care of that so I can turn the saturation level on the skin layer up the next time I sketch What I Wore No. 2.

P.S. For the thoughts I know some of you are likely having after reading the words “fake ‘n bake,” I just wanted to note: up here in this glorious corner of the PNW my vitamin D levels are severely depressed so, the once every three months that I may see the interior of a tanning bed is hardly something to get all knotted up about. However, thank you for your concern 😉