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Happy St. Patrick’s day all! Luckily for me, my very Irish heritage keeps me from being pinched but I always wear green — just in case. (Those leprechaun’s are sneaky little you-know-whats.) Felt like doing a little sketch to commemorate this gorgeous green holiday. (I know she looks naked but she’s wearing a strapless dress.)
Geez, my hair is big!

Of course, I had to give my two cents on green fashion too. My favorites for today are my new J.Crew Factory striped knit top ($89.50 but, check for frequent sales. Today it’s an additional 30% off 79.50 with code: LUCKY), Mac Cosmetics eyeshadow in Humid ($15) and Charming Charlie has a darling lucky charm bracelet ($13) for such an occasion — or just for a little extra luck year round 😉
Kelly Green, Forest Green, Evergreen
In true Irish form I shall leave you with a piece of advice in the very confusing, very archaic & very appropriate Gaelic langage:

Níor bhris focal maith fiacail riamh

(Translation: It doesn’t hurt to pay a compliment)
That said, continue in your green & lucky ways — I hope you don’t get pinched!

Oh! One last thing, a question: What sort of green are you wearing today?