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I was looking for a reference of how to sew hem tape (sew, not the iron-on kind) and could not believe what I found.

Duct tape has many uses (repairing a boat leak, fixing a raincoat — attached the the interior of course, and reinforcing a book binding/spine to name a few) however, despite all it’s uses, hemming pants is not a job for duct tape.

The only exception to this is if you are camping and your undone hem is keeping you from climbing your deer stand.

Spend the $15 and get a tailor. You’ll spare yourself from being thrown in the dreaded “Walmart People” category.

(You’d think that this post would fall among deaf ears considering this is a fashion stop however, the blog I saw this “solution” on was a cute mommy blog and, after searching some more, apparently is a terribly popular option! It’s not crafty, it’s tacky.)