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I was playing around with some different sketching brushes and decided to stick with my favorites on this one. My last post utilized (nearly) solely watercolor brushes. While I like the look of it, I personally prefer something with more saturation. That said, I went back to my tried-and-true method of solid with watercolor brush details. All in all, I liked working on this particular sketch because I have a serious obsession with leopard print (it’s my all time favorite neutral) and templates. I liked the idea of having this topic be in the same pose. I think they look pretty cool when you line multiples up that way — it’s like a clean little fashion army. Perhaps, if my OCD subsides a bit I’ll try a new position… if.

What I Wore No. 2Luckily for you, not all of these pieces are off the market! I have started to do a little overhaul on my closet. That said, I managed to snipe these jeans from the Ralph Lauren outlet last weekend. The new store is not only impeccably visually appealing and not only do they carry a full line of shoes/leather goods/accessories but, they carry their Denim & Supply line! I am obviously on their mailing list so I compounded a 25% off offer top of their already awesome price. I am so happy to have a long, dark pair of bootcuts in my closet again. Moving up the outfit, my bauble necklace can be found in every color imaginable online. (Thank you J.Crew for the original design!) I picked mine up at Charming Charlie for next to nothing. The sweater is an old favorite but, it isn’t too difficult to find a leopard-print-something these days — thank goodness! Here are some suggestions for putting together your own look:

I’m dying to know, what are your closet must-haves?