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In sifting through the usual droning daily emails the other day I found something fun amid the store promos and the “review our new product” blasts. The all-fun-things-wedding site Weddington Way reached out and asked me to participate in their October challenge: Your Best Bridesmaid Look. (See their blog post and participate yourself here and see plethora of swanky bridesmaid dresses here!)The idea was to fulfill your supportive duties as the MOH and aid the beloved (and assuming mildly -zilla-esque) bride-to-be in designing the bridesmaids looks.

I adore styling and designing so of course I jumped on the challenge. My personal preference when designing/styling weddings is formal. I love when brides have these gorgeous va va voom gowns but I have a mild (ok, maybe serious) disdain for casual wedding affairs. It’s the one day in your life you get to completely go all out and your guests should join in the over-the-top fun! I also love when the bridesmaids ensembles are cohesive and not cookie cutter; every beautiful woman needs a beautiful dress to frame her unique beautifulness!

That said, here is one style option I would propose for a beautiful, vibrant, fancy-schmancy, fall wedding…


* Yes, I am binging on Gossip Girl since I didn’t catch it round one. Yes, I know I’m delayed. Yes, I know B and Chuck get hitched. No, don’t tell me anymore.

P.S. I semi-recently moved to NYC (yay!/moved in May — hence the massive gap in entries) and yes, these girls actually exist.