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I had to have my hair in a french braid. Down the center of my back and tight — as in make-your-eyes-water tight. I also had to touch the toes of my cleats to the dirt (right, left, right) before I crouched down into my fielding stance. I took the on-deck circle seriously. Never a casual swing: slight bend at the knees, butt out, cocked bat (bouncing it ever-so-slightly)… timing the pitcher. Few things beat the feeling of the ball connecting with the sweet spot. Annie Savoy (Susan Sarandon in Bull Durham) put it perfectly.

I’ve tried ’em all, I really have, and the only church that truly feeds the soul, day in, day out, is the Church of Baseball.

Ballpark Baby

Baby Brenda! Also, notice the awesomely 80’s stripe and, yes, those are real stirrups.

I grew up on a ball field. My dad played on a men’s league when I was growing up and  I followed in his footsteps and headed to the mound myself. That said, you can imagine how excited I was to create some chic outfits with ball caps for Fanatics. Game day or not, a baseball hat is my favorite accessory so I was well-versed and ready for the challenge! I popped onto the site and, have to admit, was pleasantly surprised by the amount of team gear that was available! Most stores I hop into have a lot of men’s, some women’s and a bit of children’s and, on top of that, most of the styles available are limited. Fanatics, on the other hand, not only has a breadth of merch (like baseball hats) but their depth is just as impressive! So many options for me (and my sister, mom and aunts) for Mariner’s opening day! (Monday, April 6th — in case you were wondering.)


Ballin’ in a Donna’s Barber Shop jersey and rockin’ the ballcap (and Nike) since the early baseball days.

Seeing as my lust of diamonds is a family affair (see what I did there?!), I decided to do this project two ways — how I wear a ball cap and how my sister wears hers. We’re a little different in styling but have a mutual love of the game that keeps hats on our heads even during the tiny break between seasons. (Which, as any ballplayer knows, isn’t really a break. It just means you’re not playing official games.) Despite my new Yankee-fan-filled home of New York, I selected Mariners’ caps as an ode to my beloved hometown – the Emerald City. (Best to stick with the hometown so my sister doesn’t kick my butt. Plus, Mariners’ teal adds a little extra oomph to the navy/white color palette.)

As much as I love styling outfits, I love drawing more so, I made this a fun little project and decided to combine the two. First up are my personal picks:

Brenda_Fanatics Outfit

My tried and true: white shirt, blazer, denim, ball cap and my trusty ol’ leopard pumps — proof that I really do wear them with everything. (Click to enlarge artwork)

1. Mariners ball cap. Fanatics. 2. White oxford shirt. Ralph Lauren. 3. Little bit of bling. (I have a B necklace that I wear with the same frequency of leopard heels. Feel free to charm it up in your own personal way!) J.Crew. 4. Schoolboy Blazer in Navy. J.Crew. 5. Wrist bling. J.Crew. 6. Brown belt. Mango. 7. Distressed Boyfriend jeans. Citzens of Humanity. 8. Leopard pumps. Gianvito Rossi.

Second at the plate is WiiiiiIIIiiildflooooOOOOooowerrrRRrrr SiiIIIiiisteeeEEErrrRRr (Read as Dave Niehaus, My Oh My!):

Sister_Fantatics Outfit

My Wildflower Sister has a little different taste than I do but, we can both appreciate a good camo hat and a pretty dress. (Click to enlarge artwork)

1. Mariners ball cap. Fanatics. 2. The Jean Jacket. Madewell. 3. Roped turquoise studs. Charming Charlie. 4. Crochet knit dress. Salvatore Ferragamo. 5. Plaid western button down. American Eagle. 6. Navajo cuff. Charming Charlie. 7. Nevada Boots. Old Gringo. (Mind you, for color purposes, I adjusted the shirt and boots but, my sister would much prefer the original red boots — see link.)

My love of sport, while being housed in Sea Town, does have transcontinental appreciation. The Yankees will always have a bit of a ballplayers heart regardless of their home team. (Unless of course, you’re a Red Sox fan.) That aside, here is a call out to my new city, the City. Below are my two favorite Fanatics.com options for whichever team I’m cheering on this season.

Derek Jeter New York Yankees Majestic Threads Captain Name & Number T-Shirt – Gray

The Captain.

Seattle Mariners Stitches Thermal Henley Raglan - Navy Blue:Aqua

Classic raglan baseball tee.

(Speaking of the Captain — check out this really fantastic article for ESPN about the man himself written by my very talented friend, JR Moehringer. It reminds you of what it means to be highly revered and only human.)

There you have it! My favorite past times combined: fashion and baseball (er, softball). A big thanks to Fanatics for the ample supply of inspiration (baseball caps, team shirts and Mickey Mantle autographed balls — yes, really)! I’ve had such a blast revisiting my love of baseball, ball caps and diamonds!

“Remember kid, there’s heroes and there’s legends. Heroes get remembered but legends never die, follow your heart kid, and you’ll never go wrong.”
Babe Ruth via the Sandlot