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Oh, dearest little sister

You are more rough & tumble than any mister I have met,

more loyal than any pup,

and more selfless than some saints.

I admire your ability to show up anywhere 10 minutes early,

love your family and friends so wholly,

and still be able to fire a softball from deep center to home.

You are my wildflower, firecracker and hippie soul all rolled into a beautiful ball of eyelashes, cheeks and the most luscious mane the PNW has ever seen — even including the horses in Enumclaw.

I think of you often and love you across these American states everyday

— especially on September 9th, your birthday.

Wishing you the happiest of birthdays your 26 years have seen and sending you armfuls of love too. I love you, my dearest big little sister. Cheers to another round!


little big sister